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    Thrill-Catcher Torpedo Lure

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    Why Avid Anglers Love Their "Thrill-Catcher" Torpedo Lure!

    Thrilling Topwater Action: Stays on top of the water and swims like a small water 'torpedo' - attracting fish through movement & sound - for a great big-sized catch!

    Super-Attractive Biomimetic Features: Features super-reflective & biomimetic fins to 'fool' big fish into biting - combined with the propeller - it's a perfect lure to cast when the bite is tough!

    Catches Multiple Species Of Fish: Has a strongly emphasized body paint that is designed to get the attention of multiple species of fish!

    Great Size For A Big Catch: It’s designed to work just as well in the saltwater as it does in freshwater and catch big and it comes in at just about 0.6oz. and 3.81-inches in size! 

     What Avid Anglers Are Saying About Their "Thrill-Catcher" Torpedo Lure

    "Let me start off by saying the bites tough here in the Appalachian mountains. But this lure still surprised me!"

    "Looks like a gimmick, feels like a gimmick, but I have to admit - this propeller is now my favorite! Almost beat my personal best on the second day trying it out!"

    "I’m not gonna say much more besides fish were caught late evening/night and early this morning and I’ll just add the Cold weather and it has been raining for a few days to boot! It catches and I'd recommend anyone to try em out!"

    Product Details:

    Lure Type: New Whopper Popper

    Diving Depth: Topwater

    Hook: Single Sharp hook

    Bait Material: ABS Plastic,Steel Balls,3D Eyes,Spinner Spoon

    Bait Weight:16.8g/piece

    Bait Length: 9.5cm/piece