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    SpireBuzz™Spinner Baits 10pcs Set

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    The SpireBuzz™ Spinner Baits  are the world's most exciting spinning hard bait lure!

    This is a whole new spin on fishing. Unlike traditional flat faced lures, SpireBuzz™ lures have a unique patented spiraling row of points that causes them to spin like nobody's business.

    The SpireBuzz™ Spinner Baits design is exponentially more versatile than a normal swim jig. Built-in high speed routing bead, bright golden color for attracting fish and and a unique sound and vibration that fish have never felt.

    They can easily be used in deep water as well as shallow. Whether you’re fishing in salt or freshwater, these are extremely versatile fishing lures that can be used by seasoned professionals and amateurs alike.

     The spinner jig heads come with a unique design that allows you to fish at different depths and even fish with your rods pointed in opposite directions!