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    Spirebuzz™ Easy Shiner Soft Lures 15pcs Set

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    Spirebuzz™ EasyShiner is THE solution for a fisherman with an active lifestyle.

    Easy Shiner Soft Lures are the perfect solution to your fishing troubles. They are soft, wobbly and incredible! Ideal for people of all ages who love fishing.

    Easy Shiner Soft Lures are jig-like soft lures with a silicone skirt and integrated bib that allow anglers to fish the renowned "Wobble Action" with a minimum of effort. The durable material makes the lure more flexible and resistant to abuse, which means that it will last longer and give you better performance.

    The flexibility of this lure allows the body to wobble from side to side as it moves through the water. When fish see small prey in a waterway, they typically approach from behind and circle around it in an attempt to capture their prey. The movement of the lure actually attracts fish instead of deterring them because it looks like a wounded or sick fish trying to escape from larger predators.