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    PHANTOM SPIDER-Spider Soft Lure

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    Bass Love Spiders!

    There’s nothing like feeling a tug on the end of your line, right? Live bait is always a good option, but it can be a pain to tote around.

    What if there is an Ultimate Fishing Lure that can SEDUCE and LURE fish like a charm and help you CATCH YOUR LIMIT in no time? A dream? Absolutely not! 

    The spider looks as good as it fishes. It features a hollow body weedless design and walking legs that stride, glide ,and twitch as the spider is worked across the water surface.

    Why is it so effective?

    The Spider features a self-righting ballast in its sternum to ensure a consistent natural action that aligns with the realism of the design.

    • IRRESISTIBLE & LIFELIKE DESIGN - These baits have a lifelike design and vivid 3D eyes, with naturally moving legs which makes them look super REAL and IRRESISTIBLE to the fish. They can't help but bite.
    • VALUE FOR MONEY & LONG-LASTING -  Military Grade stainless steel balls inside. These Lures are made of highly durable, long-lasting, and Anti-corrosive materials which make both FRESH WATER or SEA WATER fishing effortless and easy. 

    Product Details:

    • Material: Plastic + Stainless Steel
    • Length:8cm
    • Weight:7G