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    Lifelike Pike Wobblers Fishing Lure

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    This fishing lure can create life-like swimming actions in water, attract predator to bite. If you are a fishing enthusiast, take this lure and it will increase your catches and bring you much fun.

    3D realistic looking eyes and body make it a life like fish. It has lifelike appearance and can create S-swim motion at any speed to provoke predator to bite. Durable ABS construction make it rigged with sharp treble hooks which makes it a powerful catching tool.

    Super Lifelike Exterior - Constructed From High Quality Materials From Japan, Expertly Designed And Rigorously Tested, 3d Realistic Looking Eyes And Life-Like Holographic Body Make It A Real Fish.


    Built-In Gravity Ball - Raise The Throw Distance, Produce Sound Attracts The Big Predators. Streamlined Design Reduces Wind Resistance During Throwing.


    MULTI JOINTED BODY- The body pieces connect with textile fabrics allows this lures wiggles to side to side like a real fish would swim.


    Mustad Hooks - Rigged with 2 super sharp rust-proof treble hooks, high durability and flexibility. suitable for freshwater and saltwater.


    Product Details:

    Lure Type:9 Multi Jointed Fishing Lure
    Lure Weight:20g
    Lure Length:12.5cm
    Hooks:It is armed with 2*2X Strong High Carbon Steel Treble Fishing Hook
    Rings:Quality Flat rings